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Optlimal Workshop logo

Optimal Workshop saves 10+ engineering hours each day by using Semaphore for parallel testing.

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“Without parallel tests, our test suite would now run well past the hour mark from start to finish. The ability to split the test suite up across 12 or more jobs in Semaphore and have the test suite run in under 7 minutes is so important for us and it saves us a lot of development time.”

Ross Braid, Lead Developer at Optimal Workshop

Par8o logo

The par8o team now has 8x faster CI. Using Semaphore Boosters to speed up their Rails tests, they reduced their build time from over two hours to 13 minutes.

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“With very little effort, we were able to parallelize our RSpec browser tests so that the average run time dropped from over 2 hours to 13 minutes. If you’re using RSpec or Cucumber for your tests, give Boosters a try. Spending 15 minutes setting up Boosters, most of which is waiting for the build to complete, has been a major time saver for our team..”

Kendal Miller, Senior Engineer ant Par8o

Uber Salesforce Intel 500px Dribbble General Assembly Toyota connected Agworld
500px logo

500px moved from Jenkins to Semaphore to scale up engineering.

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“It’s really easy to scale with Semaphore compared to Jenkins, where a lot of maintenance and overhead is required. When we need more concurrency we just upgrade. Semaphore just works for us.”

Artem Lypiy, QA Lead at 500px

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Docker, AWS, Android, Selenium, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Mynewsdesk logo

Mynewsdesk releases their complex PR platform over 10 times a day by using Semaphore for continuous deployment.

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“Our custom testing script was a pain to maintain and configure, so at some point we looked into Semaphore and discovered that it can split our tests without us having to maintain anything. We decided to switch to Semaphore, and everyone in the team has been really happy since then.”

Nicolas Medda, Developer at MyNewsDesk

Kantox logo

FinTech platform Kantox uses Semaphore for fast and reliable continuous delivery.

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“Using Semaphore is very straightforward, it’s incredibly helpful that it’s easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about installing, configuring or maintaining servers and Jenkins instances. It’s all working out of the box, so that lets us focus on writing code and building great FX products.”

Alfredo Lopez, QA Manager at Kantox

Stack: Ruby, Java, Go, PhantomJS, MySQL, Redis, Webkit

Michael Weaver photo

Michael Weaver
Director of Engineering at Invoca

“With 64 Semaphore boxes, our main build runs on 12 parallel jobs, and we can run up to 5 builds at a time. In addition, we use Semaphore to build all our gems and Docker images. Our previous inhouse Jenkins-based build system was slow, unreliable and hard for developers to use despite spending countless hours fixing and scaling it. By using Semaphore, our team can spend their time building features, not build systems. I love it!.”

Guilherme Íscaro photo

Guilherme Íscaro
Soletta Project

“Soletta is an IoT framework that aims at multiple OSs and architectures. From time to time, some bugs were affecting only some architectures, and the worst part is that we only able to see the problem when someone was trying to use Soletta. With the help of Semaphore and Docker, we were able to create Docker images for different architectures and run all our test cases. By doing so, we created a guarantee that Soletta was working on all architectures.”

Will Stern photo

Will Stern

“From the moment you push code to Github, to the moment your tests run and complete, in my experience Semaphore CI is by far the fastest continuous integration platform out there.”

Rich Thornett photo

Rich Thornett
Cofounder of Dribbble

We love Semaphore! Really smooth onramp process, getting collaborators from GitHub was a snap and it was easy to get the build running. Kudos!”

Simply Business logo

Continuous integration for enterprise applications can be complex and costly. Simply Business reduced costs by switching from Jenkins to Semaphore’s hosted CI.

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“We were using Jenkins to build the old system, and it was hard to maintain and quite painful. We were also looking at other hosted CI services, but they were very unreliable. We looked for the simplest solution, and we got our application up and running on Semaphore pretty quickly. We’ve kept using it more and more since then, and now we use it for most of our projects.”

Lukas Oberhuber, CTO at Simply Business

Sqor Sports logo

The Sqor Sports dev team chose Semaphore’s cloud CI solution for building and testing their next generation large-scale, fault-tolerant system.

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“What appealed to the team the most is how the result of a Semaphore build becomes a part of the GitHub pull request review process. You can see at a glance that a given branch is green, and therefore passes all the checks that we've defined as mandatory for that particular project. That lets the reviewer concentrate on higher-level concerns when reviewing the code.”

Kevin Baird, Developer at Sqor Sports

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