Fast Track your path to production

Use Semaphore’s Deployment & Automation tools to orchestrate your deployment strategies, provide deployment oversight, maintain deployment integrity and automate common infrastructure tasks.

Deployments and Automation

Create complex deployment strategies like chained pipelines and automate workflows for test environments with little effort.

Secure and manage deployments with conditions and credentials, while a detailed history dashboard provides a comprehensive overview.

Enhance security with fully integrated RBAC and audit trails, limiting access to authorized users and maintaining deployment integrity.

Automate infrastructure provisioning and script executions to extend CI/CD, offering self-service capabilities to development teams.


Decouple your automated tasks from commit triggers

Extend CI/CD beyond code commits by automating infrastructure setup, operational workflows, cache maintenance, and script execution, and create tasks like security audits and updates to run at your convenience for resource optimization. Monitor tasks with a real-time dashboard, offering streamlined oversight for engineering managers and developers.

Deployments and Automation - Tasks Dashboard

Control, overview and secure your environments

Meet Deployment Targets: a straightforward solution for managing and securing your deployment environments. This feature allows you to define specific deployment conditions, manage who can deploy, and ensure compliance with necessary standards. It’s about making your deployment process more manageable and secure, providing a clear and controlled way to handle deployments without compromising on safety or complexity.

Deployments and Automation - Deployment Targets Overview

Control Deployment Phases

Promotions refine your deployment process, enabling smooth transitions between different stages like testing and production. Set automated rules for consistent updates in test environments and introduce manual approvals in crucial stages like production.

Deployments and Automation -Control Deployment Phases with Promotions

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