Semaphore - Hosted continuous integration & deployment service

Make continuous delivery easy

Hosted continuous integration and deployment for fast development cycles and a workflow that scales as you grow.

Semaphore helps you work smarter

Automated testing in CI

Test your code on every change

Automated tests help you find bugs before they reach your users. Semaphore runs over 5,000,000 test files for thousands of projects every day.

Continuous deployment

Deploy quickly and with confidence

Provide value to your users faster than ever. Semaphore is already powering over 10,000 critical deployment pipelines.

Docker continuous delivery

Continuous deployment for Docker containers

Semaphore's Docker-optimized platform has all the tools you need to build, run, test and deploy your Docker or rkt containers.

Customizable cloud CI platform

Extensive, easily customizable platform

Semaphore has out of the box support for 40+ languages and tools. The platform is updated monthly and runs on the latest Ubuntu LTS. Full customization is only one line of Bash away.

Simple to use. Flexible to scale.

Set up CI with GitHub or Bitbucket

Easy to get started

Set up continuous integration from GitHub or Bitbucket in under a minute with just a few clicks.

Scalable parallel CI in the cloud

Built to scale

As you grow, easily add more capacity and manage your projects with organization accounts.

Reliable customer support

All-round customer support

All paid plans provide you with direct contact with the engineering team for quick, quality customer support via email or live chat.

Helping successful companies deliver greatness every day

“We love Semaphore! Really smooth onramp process, getting collaborators from GitHub was a snap and it was easy to get the build running. Kudos!”

Free continuous integration for open source projects

Move your project to Semaphore and experience faster builds with unmatched platform flexibility.

Avatar holowaychuk

Semaphore is the nicest CI I've used.

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