A CI/CD solution to [automate] developer workflows.

Semaphore helps product teams deliver software
with high standards of quality, security, and efficiency.

⚑️ Track down slow pipelines and flaky tests.

πŸ“¦ Manage deployment across environments.

πŸ” Integrate compliance checks and audit trails.

😌 Self-host or run in the cloud without seat cost.

🀝 Get support from CI/CD experts with 10+ yrs experience.

Semaphore CI/CD Deep-Dive

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    Continuous Integration & Pipelines
  • tab-deployments
    Deployments & Automation
  • Metrics & observability
  • tab-security
    Security & Compliance
  • tab-toolkit
    Developer Toolkit
  • Continuous Integration & Pipelines

    • Model your pipelines visually and auto-generate config as code in your connected repositories.
    • Get visual feedback on your pipeline performance and use smart optimization features to make your pipelines run faster.
    • Run jobs on your own infrastructure with self-hosted agents (for isolated environments).
  • Deployments & Automation

    • Orchestrate your deployment strategies.
    • Provide deployment oversight.
    • Maintain deployment integrity.
    • Automate common infrastructure tasks.
  • Metrics & observability

    • Streamline issue detection.
    • Address error-prone tasks and unpredictable tests that could cause sporadic build failures.
    • Gain enhanced visibility to optimize the speed and reliability of your CI workflows.
  • Security & Compliance

    • Set-up roles and access levels to your engineering teams.
    • Use Okta for Single Sign-On and role management.
    • Store, manage and rotate your deployment secrets.
    • For enhanced security, use OpenID to authenticate with external providers.
    • Gain regulatory compliance with audit trails for system-wide actions.
  • Developer Toolkit

    • Jump into active workflows using SSH sessions and debug directly from your terminal.
    • Create and manage your projects and resources using the CLI.
    • Make your custom integrations using the API.
    • Best of all – our whole developer toolkit is open source.

Switching to Semaphore

Here are the results companies achieved πŸ‹οΈβ€

“We cut our average build time by more than half and deploy 3x more often”

Senior Software Engineer

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“We moved away from GitHub Actions and now build 3x faster
with Semaphore”

Senior Software Engineer

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β€œWe reduced our build time from 22 minutes to 8 minutes with Semaphore”

CTO / Co-Founder

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