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Easy setup

Don't waste time setting up a custom CI server. Everything on Semaphore is made to get you to a working “build, test and deploy” pipeline quickly. From seamless integration with GitHub and Bitbucket, out-of-the-box support for a long list of programming languages and cloud platforms, to an easy to use UI. Learn more about Semaphore or watch a quick video about how it works below.

Fastest continuous integration in the market

Slow CI is the ultimate developer productivity drag. Continuous delivery is all about releasing small updates and getting feedback as quickly as possible. That’s why we engineered Semaphore to provide bare metal performance at the convenience of cloud. So you can iterate faster and keep your momentum going. See Semaphore plans and pricing.

Semaphore runs builds 84% faster than Travis CI, 59% faster than Codeship, and 101% faster than CircleCI.

Measured on Dec 13, 2016 using elixir-lang/elixir.

Semaphore · 2m05s — 🎉 Winner!


Codeship · 3m19s — 59% slower


Travis CI · 3m50s — 84% slower


CircleCI · 4m12s — 101% slower


Comparison of the performance of a single job runner on major hosted CI services. In addition to top-notch CPU performance, Semaphore provides superior RAM capacity (8 GB) and I/O throughput.

Automatic parallel testing

With Semaphore Boosters, even test suites with 100k+ lines of code can finish in only a few minutes. Test parallelization is as easy as dragging a slider.

Test boosters slider
Learn more about Boosters

Our CI build went from over 90 minutes to just under 16 minutes!

“Slow test times were one of our biggest development bottlenecks, and we tried a whole host of clunky workarounds to get quicker feedback. Using Semaphore Boosters has tremendously increased our productivity, almost doubling our output in terms of tickets we close each week.”

Bryce Senz, CIO at Credda

Scales like a breeze

When your company grows, scaling CI will be one less thing to worry about. Use up to 128 boxes to parallelize a large test suite. Build and deploy many branches across different projects. Semaphore has you covered — no matter the size and number of your projects.

Logo invoca

“We develop a Voice Marketing SaaS Platform with over a million lines of Ruby code. With 64 Semaphore boxes, our main build runs on 12 parallel jobs, and we can run up to 5 builds at a time. In addition, we use Semaphore to build all our gems and Docker images.

In a word: productivity. Our previous inhouse Jenkins-based build system was slow, unreliable and hard for developers to use despite spending countless hours fixing and scaling it. By using Semaphore, our team can spend their time building features, not build systems. I love it!”

Michael Weaver, Director of Engineering at Invoca

Wondering if Semaphore is a good match for your company?

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Great teams use Semaphore

Semaphore has been helping successful companies deliver new features since 2012. Here's what some of them say.

“It’s really easy to scale with Semaphore compared to Jenkins, where a lot of maintenance and overhead is required. When we need more concurrency we just upgrade. Semaphore just works for us.”

Artem Lypiy, QA Lead at 500px

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Docker, AWS, Android, Selenium, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

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“Using Semaphore is very straightforward, it’s incredibly helpful that it’s easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about installing, configuring or maintaining servers and Jenkins instances. It’s all working out of the box, so that lets us focus on writing code and building great FX products.”

Alfredo López, QA manager at Kantox

Stack: Ruby, Java, Go, PhantomJS, MySQL, Redis, Webkit

Read how they use Semaphore at Kantox…

“Semaphore’s Docker support allows our engineers to efficiently test and iterate over design choices with confidence. It grants us the ability to easily manage dependencies while decoupling our apps from the host environment.”

Nick Ward, Director of Engineering at General Assembly

“We love Semaphore! Really smooth onramp process, getting collaborators from GitHub was a snap and it was easy to get the build running. Kudos!”

Rich Thornett, Cofounder of Dribbble

Learn more from real-world stories on how companies around the globe build better apps with Semaphore.

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Helpful resources for your CI & CD journey

Mastering continuous delivery is a challenge for all teams. Semaphore tutorials help you become skilled at BDD, learn testing tools, automate tedious DevOps tasks, and have a more effective deployment pipeline — including Docker. Click on one of the categories below to get started or read all tutorials here.


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