Day two on the job. Just deployed to production.

Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and private projects.

By automating the process of software testing and delivery in the cloud, it helps teams ship more stable applications, faster.

It is engineered for high performance and designed to be easy to use. So that every developer is empowered to build — and instantly deliver — new features.

Set up free continuous integration for open source and private projects in a minute.

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Helping successful companies deliver new features every day.

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Semaphore works with your stack.

Git ready.

Select a project from GitHub or Bitbucket and watch Semaphore set up continuous integration in a minute. See whether a branch is OK to merge immediately, even if it comes from a forked repository. Support for GitLab and self-hosted git repositories is coming soon.

Works great with major open source languages.

Whether you are developing your project in Ruby, Python, Go, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C/C++, Clojure, Scala or Elixir, Semaphore includes all the tools you need to test them. Semaphore automatically infers the right default configuration for your code. You can always easily customize your build environment and install of any additional component.

Databases running on default ports.

All major open source databases are available out of the box and ready to use, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Cassandra. Popular queues such as Redis and RabbitMQ are also available out of the box.

All set for extensive browser testing.

Run your Selenium tests with Firefox or go headless with PhantomJS. Without any additional configuration in your test code. Semaphore has everything you need to run comprehensive integration tests in a web browser.

Deploy anywhere, with one click or automatically.

Easily set up deployment pipelines to Heroku, AWS, Cloud Foundry or a dozen other hosting providers. Semaphore's friendly wizard will guide you through the quick process so that nobody in your team has to use the terminal again. In return, everybody on the team gets to see who deployed what and when.

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Save Your Energy for creative work.

Improve your development workflow.

A CI platform that's ready to grow with you.

How Semaphore helps our customers

Michael Siegfried, Procore

Semaphore is integral to our development process. It finds potential bugs before they become user-facing issues and gives us piece of mind that we are not breaking any tested code.

Luigi Montanez, Upworthy

Semaphore was the first hosted CI service I tried that just worked. Setup was amazingly easy, and it runs our test suite quickly and dependably.