5 Mar 2024 · Semaphore News

    No More Seat Costs: Semaphore Plans Just Got Better!

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    We are excited to announce an upcoming update to our pricing plans, aimed at providing even greater value to our users! Starting March 1st, our Startup and Scaleup plans are becoming more budget-friendly. 

    Additionally, organizations currently on our legacy Standard plans will experience an automatic upgrade to Startup Cloud, unlocking various new features at no extra cost!

    Please visit our updated pricing page for more detailed information on the new plans.

    Key Highlights

    1. No More Seat Cost for Cloud Plans
      In our commitment to ensuring Semaphore remains the most cost-effective solution for teams of all sizes, we are eliminating seat costs for plans exclusively reliant on cloud machines, effective March 1st.
    2. No Concurrency Limits
      To enhance workflow efficiency, we are removing concurrency limits for both self-hosted and cloud machines. Need additional machines? Reach out to our support team, and we’ll promptly accommodate your requirements.
    3. Generous Free Plan Upgrade
      Free plans now offer up to 7,000 free cloud machine minutes monthly! Concurrency on the Free plan is also boosted by 20 times, providing more flexibility for your projects.
    4. Unlimited Free Self-Hosted Minutes
      Enjoy the freedom to scale your self-hosted usage without worrying about additional costs—all self-hosted minutes are now completely free.
    5. Free Upgrade for Standard Plan Users
      Organizations on the Standard plan will receive a complimentary upgrade to Startup Cloud. While retaining the same pricing model as the Standard plan, Startup Cloud unlocks additional features, providing enhanced value to our loyal users.

    Cloud vs Hybrid

    In 2022, we introduced self-hosted agents as a valuable addition to our existing Cloud offering, providing users with increased flexibility in choosing the environments for their CI jobs.

    Over the years, continuous updates have transformed self-hosted agents into a mature and compelling alternative for many organizations. To better align with the diverse needs of our users, we are introducing a refined approach by categorizing our plans into two distinct groups.

    • Cloud plans
      No seat costs here—Cloud plans are all about simplicity. You pay based on your cloud resources usage, and starting March 1st, there’s no additional seat cost. Keep in mind, though, that these plans won’t include access to self-hosted agents.
    • Hybrid plans
      You get everything Cloud plans offer, but Hybrid plans also grant you access to unlimited self-hosted agents. While there is a seat cost associated with Hybrid plans due to this added flexibility, we’ve got good news—it’s now 50% lower than last year.

    ​​Frequently Asked Questions

    ➟ What’s the catch? Am I going to be charged extra now? 

    Absolutely not! Removing seat costs is aimed at making our plans more budget-friendly for you. Depending on your current plan, the upgrade means either spending less or gaining access to additional machines/features without any extra charges.

    ➟ I’m on Startup/Scaleup what exactly will change for me?

    The main change for Startup/Scaleup users will be the elimination of seat costs. Starting from the March billing period, you won’t be charged for seats anymore.

    ➟ But I use self-hosted agents, will I lose access to them?

    Not a chance! If you’re using self-hosted agents, your organization has likely already been switched to the Startup/Scaleup Hybrid plan. This means you retain access to self-hosted agents. However, if somehow we missed you, please reach out through the support channel, and we’ll promptly address any oversight.

    ➟ I am on the Standard plan, will my bill increase once I’m upgraded? 

    No need to worry! Upgrading to Startup Cloud maintains the same pricing model as your current Standard plan. The only change is that you’ll now have access to new machine types and features that were previously locked. Your spending remains unaffected unless you choose to switch your builds to a different machine type.

    If you have any additional questions regarding the new Semaphore plans, feel free to reach out to us at support@semaphoreci.com, and we’ll be happy to help.

    Happy building!

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