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Helping developers build, ship, and move faster

In 2011, two developers grew tired of slow continuous integration tools. They dreamed of creating projects without the customary beads of sweat, and releasing updates without hours of waiting. They knew they could do better, so they did. A year later, they released Semaphore, a product that enabled any developer to have a working CI/CD process in minutes.

Now used in over 100 countries by SMBs, growing startups, and Fortune 500 companies, Semaphore’s army of innovators is growing stronger by the day.


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Marko Anastasov & Darko Fabijan
Marko Anastasov & Darko Fabijan

Semaphore was built around the following principles

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Fast software is the best software

Without it, your product sinks, and the user is helpless. Speed is the driving force behind Semaphore. Without speed, developers can’t ship fast, tweak faster, or build solutions that truly make a difference.

Ownership & responsibility

We own our company and our decisions. Semaphore started out fully bootstrapped, and with good reason. We believe this decision was pivotal in helping us build great products that our customers love. Not ever compromising what we feel is right, or promising fireballs and delivering breadcrumbs.

We want our customers to win

We value our customers and find great inspiration in helping them build products of value. Their success is our success. We treat every customer as we’d like to be treated. So, if one small update can keep them at the edge of innovation, we’re building it.

A team of relentless innovators

The beating heart of our company is its people. Our team is Semaphore. Based across continents and countries, we’re firm believers in remote work, and giving our staff the ownership and influence to contribute truly innovative ideas.

Our get-togethers

Having embraced the principles of remote work, we are a 100% remote team working from diverse countries. Getting together remains an important part of our culture. Here are some snapshots from our yearly retreats.

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