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We launched Semaphore in 2012 because we wanted to give the world a continuous integration solution that is better than anything else. Our way is to double down on great user experience and high performance, treat our customers as we’d like to be treated, and make continuous delivery practices more accessible to developers. These principles continue to guide us today.

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Helping developers move faster since 2012

Bootstrapped and proud

Our company Rendered Text was founded in 2009. For a few years we were a small web development consultancy passionate about building products and programming best practices. Then we combined our creative and craftsmanship instincts into creating Semaphore.

We started as two people and are now 20+ strong. We are proud to have built the company with customer revenue — coming from over 100 countries — alone. We started from Novi Sad, Serbia and are now transforming into an international remote company.

You can read more about each of us from Rendered Text About page.

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