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Build Android apps with fast CI/CD

Teams that switch to Semaphore spend less time waiting for CI and more on getting things done.

Build native or cross-platform apps

Use fine-tuned CI/CD environments for Android, React Native and Flutter projects.

Keep all projects in one place

Run your Android, iOS and web projects on a single CI/CD platform.

Scale on demand

Semaphore automatically scales to run on every git push. You’ll only pay for what you use.

CI/CD made simple for every Android developer

  • Use a built-in pipeline template to get started
  • Fine-tune with the visual Workflow Builder
  • Save configuration as code in your repository

“Time to ship (from merging a PR to the package being deployed) went down due to shorter wait times, making deployments less disruptive to the overall workflow.”

Robert Kreuzer, co-founder & CTO

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Do more with parallel

Get fast feedback with powerful pipelines, parallel execution and smart dependency caching.

Debug failures in seconds

Launch exact copies of finished workflows in less than 2 seconds. You can even SSH into currently running CI jobs.

Ship to Google Play

Perform code signing and deploy to any Android app store, including Google Play, iTunes Connect and more.