Run jobs on your own infrastructure

Utilize your own infrastructure to its fullest potential without concerning yourself with the control plane. With our Hybrid plan, you gain access to both cloud machines and self-hosted agents. Setting up your own clusters takes just a few minutes.

Connect as many agents as needed and adjust their numbers according to your requirements. There are no restrictions on the number of jobs you can run concurrently.

All usage of self-hosted agents is completely free. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 users, we will never limit or charge you for job minutes on your own machines.

Our system ensures secure, one-way communication with encryption by default and strict access controls, guaranteeing your complete control over your build environment.

Regular patches and updates are provided to keep your cluster up-to-date. Simply ensure you’re using the latest version to maintain your agent clusters effortlessly.

Best of both worlds

Whether you prefer running jobs solely within your own environment or simply enhancing your CI/CD capabilities with extra compute resources, you can do so without having to manage the control plane yourself.

Full Control

Building on your own agents means full control over hardware specifications, operating system versions, and available software. They can be deployed anywhere you prefer, whether on physical or virtual machines, containers, or in the cloud.

Managed Control Plane

Your team can rest assured knowing they won’t need to handle the setup and management of the control plane. We ensure uptime and provide support for the Semaphore app. Additionally, you can still utilize our cloud machines as a backup option.

Secure and Transparent

Secure your compliance with a zero-trust approach, empowering your teams to configure secure, isolated environments for builds and deployments. Your source code remains within your infrastructure, and under your full control.

Transparent Pricing

Utilizing your own computing can be a cost-efficient choice. We won’t impose limits or charges for your self-hosted usage. You’ll only pay for the user seats, allowing you to run as many jobs as needed, completely free of charge, indefinitely.

Scaling based on job demand

By scaling up to thousands of agents during the day and scaling down to zero agents during the night or at the weekend, the system dynamically adapts to your CI/CD needs.

Build on any platform

Run your agents on Linux, macOS, or Windows machines with a few install commands. For resource-intensive workflows, deploy an on-demand fleet of agents in your Kubernetes cluster with our custom controller Helm chart, or use the agent-aws-stack for an auto-scaling fleet on AWS.

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