Migrate your CI/CD from Bitbucket Pipelines to Semaphore

  • ✔️ Choose the CI/CD solution from a 100% specialized company
  • ✔️ Enhance engineering excellence with CI/CD performance metrics
  • ✔️ Easily model any DevOps workflow

Semaphore is great at modeling complex delivery workflows for fast feedback with chainable pipelines, parallel execution, and dependency management.

The Semaphore team takes documentation seriously. No more sparse docs where you can’t find answers to your questions.

Configure your pipelines in the YAML file or in the UI using the visual workflow builder. Visuals make it simple to build workflows and define dependencies.

Measure your team’s operational performance and get an overview of where your team can improve. Track pass rate, build frequency, mean time to recover, CI speed, and other metrics.

Compare Semaphore vs Bitbucket Pipelines

  Semaphore Bitbucket Pipelines
Product type
Hybrid: run agents on customer-managed infrastructure
On-premises option
Setup & Maintenance
Graphical pipeline configuration
Workflow Builder: point-and-click interface to create and edit pipelines
Intuitive project dashboard
Customize the dashboard that shows your deployment activity
Project dashboards have limited functionality
GitHub support
Bitbucket support
Gitlab support Planned
Command-line interface
CLI can manage projects and do everything the UI can
Continuous Integration
Test results reporting and insights
See which tests passed/failed, find slowest tests to speed up development process.
Debugging feedback loop
Fast debugging via SSH access to both running and finished jobs.
Native artifacts storage
Semaphore can store artifacts on its side
Continuous Delivery
Manage multiple deployment environments
Multi-stage releases
Combine automatic steps with manual approval to ensure maximum reliability when delivering to users.
Automatic and manual promotions
Chain pipelines together for any CD workflow (blue/green, canary, etc).
Deployment dashboards
See which versions of all your applications have been deployed to which environment.
Deployment queues
Control which pipelines must run sequentially to prevent conflict and which may run in parallel.
Top-of-market performance
Autoscaling parallelism
Allocate more CPUs and RAM to complex jobs
Built-in artifacts store
Built-in Docker registry
Email-based account and technical support
Video call support
Support SLAs
Custom solution engineering
Dedicated customer success manager
Private Slack channel

Case studies

“We were using Jenkins to build the old system, and it was hard to maintain and quite painful. We looked at other hosted CI services, but they were very unreliable. When we found Semaphore, we got our application up and running pretty quickly. We now use it for all projects.”

CTO at Simply Business

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“Semaphore allows us to build anywhere from two to twenty branches in parallel, each one in a threaded environment. We had thousands of tests that were running for a really long time and with Semaphore we got the build to run in under 20 minutes.”

QA Lead at 500px

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“Semaphore 2.0 allows us to build, tag, push, and run Docker images easily. This makes building a powerful pipeline where we can deploy to our Kubernetes cluster fairly easily and quickly.”

Senior Software Engineer

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