Host and Manage Behind Your Firewall

Host your CI/CD behind the security of your company firewall. Manage CI/CD on your own infrastructure while complying with all security regulations.

Full Control over CI/CD

Customized CI/CD environment

Configure the runtime environment that your team needs on Linux, Windows, ARM, Kubernetes, or Docker. Support more exotic environments if needed.

Security compliance

Semaphore On-Premise allows your team to fully comply with security requirements. Hosted on your own servers, your CI/CD system helps you to deliver software in the most secure way.

Feature-rich CI/CD tool

Get the most advanced Semaphore features like monorepo support, test insights, and advanced security features, installed locally on your own servers.

CI/CD performance metrics

Monitor your CI/CD reliability, stability and throughput. Make smarter decisions and improve your team’s operational performance.

Scaling build agents

Scale up to a thousand build agents during peak hours then scale down overnight. The system dynamically adapts to your CI/CD needs to use resources more efficiently.

One-click updates

Don’t get stuck with an on-premise CI/CD tool that only gets updated once a year. With Semaphore On-Premise, updates are regular and simple to install.

Premium customer support from CI/CD experts with 10+ years of experience

✔️ Lightning-fast replies to support queries ⚡

✔️ Solution engineering, video support, and more🦾

✔️ CI/CD engineering training for your team 👨‍🔧

✔️ Support SLAs 🤝

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