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Purepoint runs a cost-efficient CI pipeline at scale with Semaphore

Before Semaphore:
  • Never-ending experimentation with the tools available on the market
  • Issues with scaling and costs
After adopting Semaphore:
  • A versatile and powerful CI/CD tool in place
  • Scaling and costs no longer an issue

Purepoint solves their clients’ business needs with simple and elegant software solutions and their unique approach to people they work with. They like to call themselves a ‘Cloud Company’ – remote-first and spanning 15 countries.

Industry: Software development
Stack: React, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Vue.js

The Challenge

Purepoint experimented with most of the services that one finds in the top of searches for “continuous integration” keyword. From fully managed SaaS to even hosting and managing their own solutions on powerful dedicated servers.

However with each solution, they have run into congestion, scaling and ultimately prohibitive cost, with very little assurance that as they grow, their CI/CD service will be able to grow with them.

“While there is a lot of interesting and seemingly easy to use solutions out there, very few seem to have really thought out how the CI pipeline will be used and scale beyond small or medium-sized projects and provide the degree of flexibility required.”
Robert Starsi, Team Lead at Purepoint

The Solution

When Purepoint stumbled on Semaphore, they immediately took note of the pricing model. Select your hardware and pay per second. Spin up as many instances as you need, when you need it.

That’s exactly what they have been looking for, and this assured them that as they grow their project, they can scale both vertically (faster instances) and horizontally (more instances) and pay only for the time their developers are working on the project, in a predictable fashion.

“Semaphore’s support team worked with us in every instance and solved every single problem we had, fast. We’ve even requested new features that have been implemented since, and currently, we’re enjoying a mature and battle-tested product, with (what feels to us) almost unlimited versatility in terms of how we want to configure and run our CI pipeline.”
Robert Starsi, Team Lead at Purepoint

The Results

Developers like to use versatile but simple tools, that get out of the way, and do not constrict them with too many assumptions and requirements as to how software should be built and run. Purepoint emphasized that Semaphore is exactly that – plus it is also one of the first usable, stable and truly cloud-native solutions, thanks to its pricing and “instance on-demand” model.

The Purepoint team no longer has to worry about the scalability and CI/CD costs of their projects.

“Whether I’ll be starting my next professional or pet project, Semaphore will be the CI of my choice. Please keep up the good work!”
Robert Starsi, Team Lead at Purepoint

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