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Supercharged CI/CD pipelines for iOS developers

Forget slow builds. Semaphore is the fastest way to test and deploy iOS apps.

iOS screenshot
scale on demand icon

Scale on demand

Our serverless model auto-scales to every git push. You’ll only pay for what you use.
build for apple

Build for any Apple device

Build, test & distribute apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
your favorite tools

Use your favorite tools

Semaphore supports iOS apps made with Xcode, React Native and Flutter.
multi platform

Multi-platform builds

Harmonize your iOS, Android and web developers within a single platform.
Migrating from Travis?
Semaphore will run your builds at least 42% faster.
Timo Mamecke

We migrated our CI from Travis to Semaphore. Travis Android build took 12 minutes, now 7 minutes with Semaphore. Travis iOS build took 24 minutes, now 9 minutes with Semaphore. We are very happy, this far exceeds our expectations!

Timo Mämecke, Software Engineer at Railslove
Conrad Irwin

“The time to deploy a new version to the backend was reduced from about 22 minutes to 8 minutes. The time to run the frontend tests on our previous solution was about 17 minutes. It takes 70 seconds with Semaphore.”

Conrad Irwin, CTO / Co-Founder at Superhuman

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overhead avoid

Avoid overhead

Semaphore includes pre-installed tools like Fastlane, Homebrew, CocoaPods, and Node.js.
accelerate development

Accelerate development

High-performance CI/CD pipelines can be customized in hundreds of ways to precisely match your needs.
prioritize innovation

Prioritize innovation

Safely store certificates with encrypted secrets. Perform code signing with Semaphore’s Fastlane plugin.
reduce time

Reduce time-to-deployment

Deploy up to several times a day, automatically pushing apps to HockeyApp, TestFlight and more when you merge pull requests.
multi stage testing

Multi-stage testing

Discover and fix issues in minutes, not hours. Run tests in a series of sequential stages and parallel jobs and get fast feedback.
configuration as code

Configuration as code

Store your CI/CD pipeline definitions with the rest of your source code. Easily collaborate, reuse and repair them when needed.

Dependency caching

Save crucial development time by reusing project dependencies between builds and pipeline stages.
release mgmt

Release mgmt

Manage multiple release strategies from a single build. Promote beta builds to App Store Connect, or ship master builds automatically to a third-party deployment service.
custom dashboards

Custom dashboards

Gain access to valuable project reports, metrics, and updates. Improve your average build duration and stay updated on your latest commits.

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