Semaphore 2.0 Welcomes Open Source Developers with Free Continuous Integration

We’re happy to announce free continuous integration pipelines for open source organizations on Semaphore 2.0. Each open source organization receives unlimited CI/CD minutes for building public repositories. The plan includes four e1-standard-2 Linux machines and one a1-standard-4 macOS machine for running up to four parallel jobs on Linux or Docker, and one on macOS. The release includes the following features specifically made for open source developers: Whitelisting of trusted contributors…

CI/CD for Spring Boot Microservices

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build and test a Docker image using Continuous Integration. Then, we’ll extend CI/CD with Continuous Deployment to a Kubernetes cluster.

In Continuous Integration, Run Fast and Fundamental Tests First

While it’s great to keep your entire CI/CD pipeline fast, on many occasions you don’t even need to run all tests to get the feedback you need

Benchmark Report: Docker Builds with Semaphore vs. Docker Hub

We benchmarked Semaphore and Docker Hub with a real use case scenario, resulting in a 7x faster image build on Semaphore

Continuous Delivery Co-Author Uncovers the Top Obstacles for Development Teams

In this episode of Semaphore Uncut, Darko speaks with Continuous Delivery co-author Dave Farley on common industry patterns, solutions for common challenges, and more.

Lyft Software Engineer on the Future of Envoy

In this episode of Semaphore Uncut, Darko chats with Lyft engineer Matt Klein on building a mobile-first application and solving challenges with distributed networks.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Continuous Deployment on Kubernetes

How to deploy an app to Kubernetes by creating a working Kubernetes deployment and continuous delivery workflow.

Visual Workflow Builder: Build CI/CD Pipelines Without Writing YAML

WYSIWYG meets infrastructure as code. Workflow Builder is a visual tool that lets you build serverless CI/CD pipelines on Semaphore without writing YAML.

iOS CI/CD: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Explained

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is widely used by development teams, even in open-source communities. It offers a sustainable way to test and deploy code many times a day without the hurdle of doing it manually. In this guide, you’ll learn the foundations of getting started with CI/CD for iOS. We’ll learn about: The importance of CI/CD for iOS developers Principles of iOS CI/CD The top benefits of CI/CD…

Jason L. van Brackel on Seamless Kubernetes Adoption for Development Teams

On today’s episode of Semaphore Uncut, we chat with Jason L. van Brackel, director of community at Rancher Labs about all things Kubernetes.

Tutorial: Build, Test, & Deploy an iOS App with CI/CD

When we develop iOS apps, we usually manage the app publication process manually using the Xcode Organizer. Then we sign, test, build, archive, submit, then change versions, and submit new builds again and again to the TestFlight or AppStore. If we generate our builds daily, this process is tedious and tiring. Sooner or later, you will ask yourself: How can we automate this entire process? Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for…

How to Release Faster with Continuous Delivery for Google Kubernetes

In this hands-on post, we’ll learn to deliver continuously a demo application to Google Kubernetes using Semaphore CI/CD.

iOS 13: The Top 5 Features Your App Needs Now

Today, we’ve outlined the 5 features for iOS 13 that can help improve your app’s user experience and discoverability.

Serverless CI/CD and hosting with Semaphore and ZEIT Now

In this article, we will test and deploy an application using ZEIT Now to build and host it and Semaphore to drive CI/CD pipelines.

A CI/CD Pipeline for Serverless Cloudflare Workers

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Semaphore to deploy serverless functions to Cloudflare.

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