Model and Maintain Pipelines

Model your pipelines visually and auto-generate config as code in your connected repositories. Get visual feedback on your pipeline performance and use smart optimization features to make your pipelines run faster. For isolated environments, run jobs on your own infrastructure with self-hosted agents.

Model your pipelines and dependencies with a graphical editor which auto generated config as code in your connected repository.

Speed up builds with advanced caching, conditional execution, and auto-cancellation of redundant workflows.

Simple initial configuration, easy to scale up, high availability with managed machines and automated software updates and upgrades.

Model monorepo pipelines and trigger only relevant parts of your build by using integrated tooling for checking changes.


Model Pipelines and generate Config as Code

Model your pipelines with the Workflow Builder and auto-generate Config as Code (YAML) files in your connected repository. Get visual feedback on your pipeline performance and onboard new team members faster.

Reduce build times and costs with smart optimization features

Build Optimization makes your pipelines run better and cost less, using smart caching, triggers for specific conditions, stopping unnecessary builds, and deciding which jobs to run first.

Manage and share workflow data

Handle important data in your workflows, with secure storage, settings for how long to keep data, and tools to find and use your build artifacts. This helps you move data between jobs and keep track of your project’s outputs.

Model Monorepo Pipelines

Design a single-interface workflow for your monorepo that triggers only relevant parts when changes are detected in files or subfolders minimizing build times.

Run jobs on your own infrastructure

Run your workflows in your own setup, giving you full control while keeping things secure. You can adjust your build environment and scale as needed, making sure everything fits with your security standards.

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