CI/CD that just works

Build, test and deliver your apps without managing servers.

Release new features more frequently

Automate any continuous delivery pipeline. Get complete control with customizable stages, parallel execution, control flow switches, secrets and dependency management.

Autoscale and pay only what you use. Stop paying for a fixed capacity that puts a cap on how much you can get done. With Semaphore, CI/CD scales to process all your work just in time.

people launching products
Example Semaphore CI/CD pipeline

Cloud native deployments. Use key Docker and Kubernetes tools. Build binaries once and reuse them across pipelines. Deploy by connecting securely to any cloud provider.

logos of AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Support for all major cloud providers

CLI as a first class citizen. Use Semaphore as a natural extension to your usual workflow. Start builds, inspect logs, SSH directly into jobs or create custom dashboards — all from the comfort of your terminal.

sem init
New project created!
sem debug
SSH session started!
sem create dashboard
Custom dashboard created!

Improve your team’s productivity

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Visualize the right metrics. Get key numbers in front of you with custom dashboards. It can be insights about deploys to production or average build duration. Or resource spending. Or… you get the idea.

No servers to manage. Maintaining CI/CD infrastructure isn't going to differentiate your product. All jobs on Semaphore run in clean, isolated environments which you can access via SSH.

Example Semaphore 2.0 CI/CD dashboard

2.1× faster than other services. When you're running tests, building containers, or processing data, you’ll wait for results less and have more time to focus on building applications.

Semaphore · 1:56m
Travis CI · 4:01m
2.1× slower
CircleCI · 4:13m
2.2× slower

Measured using elixir-lang/elixir test suite.

You are saying

94% or our customers rated Semaphore support as GREAT last month.

Semaphore is no.1 in the industry in user satisfaction on G2Crowd.

g2 crowd high performer medal
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“Semaphore ‘just works.’ Everyone on the team feels comfortable using it, from hardcore backend developers to markup and style experts.”

Jeffrey Chupp, Director of Engineering at Dribbble
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“I’m a very happy manager right now. We had 45 minutes to more than an hour builds last week. Now we are usually under 10 minutes.”

Francisco Ferreira, ArduPilot
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