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A CI/CD tool to maximize developer velocity

Ship updates 2x faster with our industry-leading performance CI/CD tool

Shipping updates quickly and reliably is a key indicator of successful engineering teams

Semaphore removes all technical barriers to adopting Continuous Delivery at scale. You won’t need to hire supporting staff or expensive infrastructure, just define your workflows and focus on building the next great app.

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Scale as you go

No servers to manage. CI/CD scales to process your work just in time. You only pay for what you use.
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Use programmable pipelines

From simple sequential builds to multi-stage parallel pipelines, Semaphore can do it all.
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Get ultimate flexibility

Configure your own CI/CD environment with Docker images or just use Semaphore’s sane Linux & macOS defaults.

Optimize your monorepo workflows

  • Run custom CI/CD workflows for changes on specific files
  • Save time by skipping unnecessary build & test stages

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Monorepo support

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Support complex deliverables with flexible pipelines

  • Move faster with multi-stage and fan-in/fan-out parallel testing
  • Approve with acceptance test gate
  • Generate parallel jobs with a build matrix
  • Reduce overheads with built-in container registry

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Gain powerful workflow capabilities

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Any language, any platform

Build, test, and deploy Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Android, and iOS apps. Run in parallel on Linux and macOS.
containers and kubernetes

Containers and Kubernetes

Run CI/CD in any Docker image, speed up container builds and deploy to Kubernetes on any cloud.
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Create and promote artifacts

Save files to reuse them across your pipelines or as permanent records for future reference.
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Build faster with smart caching

Automatically reuse standard language dependencies, with a CLI for full control for your custom files.
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Model any DevOps workflow

Semaphore is great at modeling complex delivery workflows for fast feedback with chainable pipelines, parallel execution and dependency management.
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Debug failures in seconds

Use Semaphore CLI to inspect logs or SSH into running jobs. You can launch exact copies of finished workflows in less than 2 seconds.

A Continuous Delivery tool to deploy across web, desktop, and mobile apps

  • Blue-green deployment
  • Canary and gated releases
  • Continuous deployment
  • Perform rollbacks

Accelerate your releases

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Built-in Docker registry

Push and pull container images faster, saving $$ on cloud registries.
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Multi-stage releases

Have full control when releasing updates to end users. Combine automatic steps with manual approval to ensure maximum reliability.
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Secure credentials management

Safely store API keys and certificates with built-in encrypted secrets.
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Deployment queues

Ensure that your delivery flow is uninterrupted and prioritized.
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Manage multiple environments

Maintain separate CI/CD configuration for staging and production environments.
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Smart notifications

Set up the right amount of notifications for your team. Customize by project, branch or even pipeline levels.

What Semaphore customers are saying on G2

“Great product and outstanding support”
David G, CoFounder, CTO, Lead Developer
CI/CD customers_David G, CoFounder, CTO, Lead Developer
“Great tool for test automation”
Diego D, CTO & Founder of Leevia
CI/CD customers_Diego D, CTO & Founder of Leevia
“Powerful CI”
Leanna W, IT Consultant
CI/CD customers_Leanna W, IT Consultant
“Quick setup, powerful CI, nice support”
Cristi D, Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead
CI/CD customers_Cristi D, Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead
“Excellent CI/CD service for private projects”
Chris F, Software Developer
CI/CD customers_Chris F, Software Developer
“Awesome tool”
Yura O, CEO
CI/CD customers_Yura O
“Good CI for any type of projects”
Andrew M, Software Engineer
CI/CD customers_Andrew M, Software Engineer
“Great continuous integration tool”
Maxime L, Ingénieur Python/Django
CI/CD customers_Maxime L, Python/Django Engineer
“Most reliable CI tool I’ve used”
Myles C
CI/CD customers_Myles C
“The best CI/CD experience I’ve had yet”
Ross B, Delivery Lead
CI/CD customers_Ross B, Delivery Lead
“Configuration-as-code on a pay-per-use model? Sign me up!”
Craig Michael T, Head of Engineering
CI/CD customers_Craig Michael T, Head of Engineering

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Powerful CI/CD, hosted or on-premise

  • Release faster
  • Scale automatically
  • Embrace DevOps culture
  • Minimize waiting time for tests
  • Reduce costs

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