Your continuous integration pipeline in the cloud

Semaphore is an easy to use CI service made to help developers deliver new features faster.

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Parallelize your tests to save time

Making your build just 10 minutes faster can save you weeks in engineering hours.

  • Automatically parallelize your test suite down to a minute with Semaphore Test Boosters
  • Manually schedule different build commands to run in parallel
Parallelize your tests in CI

Deploy new features faster and with more confidence

Deliver working code automatically after all tests pass. It has never been easier to get started with continuous deployment.

  • Set up a uniform deployment workflow
  • Keep a shared changelog with your team
  • Deploy using tailor-made integrations for
    cloud platforms such as AWS and Heroku
Continuous deployment

Build a continuous delivery pipeline with Docker

Use Docker CLI tools as part of your continuous
integration and deployment pipeline.

Continuous delivery for Docker

Monitor the health of your test suite

To keep your development process lean, your tests also need the refactoring love that you give to your application code.

Semaphore Insights helps you take timely action by providing you with an overview of slow and flaky test files.

Insights monitor test suite health

Work on projects in any environment

For anything that runs on Linux,
Semaphore has you covered.

  • One-click integration with GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Automatic CI configuration for a wide range of projects, no changes in your source code required
  • A platform based on the latest Ubuntu LTS, with a monthly update schedule
Cloud Linux based CI

Simplify your workflow

  • Automatically integrate new Git branches
  • Set priority branches, white or blacklist branches
  • Get the CI status right in your pull requests
  • Schedule daily or hourly builds
  • Debug easily with SSH access to build environment
  • Invite collaborators for free and in a few clicks
  • Manage teams and their permissions with intuitive organization settings
  • Receive build and deploy results in your Campfire, Flowdock, Hipchat or Slack chat rooms
  • Get test coverage metrics through integration with Code Climate, Semaphore's official partner
  • Use API and webhooks to implement custom workflows