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  • Get help from our developer with 10yrs+ experience.
  • Speed up your CI/CD pipeline by 20-30%.
  • Reduce 50% in your CI/CD costs.
  • Double developer productivity with optimized workflows.

Who will you talk to?

Get support from one of our CI/CD experts with over 10+ yrs of experience during the migration to Semaphore CI/CD.

Darko Fabijan

Co-Founder, CTO

Christian Gómez Alonso

Solutions Engineer

Boštjan Cigan

Developer Evangelist

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Product Manager

Damjan Becirovic

Software Architect

Customer results

Here are the results companies have achieved after switching to Semaphore:

  • 3x↓

    build time


    deploys per day


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We cut our average build
    time by more than half
    and deploy 3x more often”

    Nic Cavigliano, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3x↓

    time to get feedback


    wait for CI to start


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We moved away from GitHub Actions and now build 3x faster”

    Amin Ben Slimen, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3.6x

    faster build time


    cheaper to run builds


    better performance

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    “We reduced our build time from 22 minutes to 8 minutes with Semaphore”

    Conrad Irwin, CTO / Co-Founder at Superhuman

  • 50x

    faster build time


    decrease in turnaround-time


    bigger productivity

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    “We build iOS apps 2x faster and have projects running in one platform”

    Philip Sampaio Silva, Team Leader at Magnetis

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