No More Seat Costs: Semaphore Plans Just Got Better!

Help your
team eliminate bottlenecks

Semaphore streamlines issue detection, addressing error-prone tasks and unpredictable tests that could cause sporadic build failures. This enhanced visibility equips you with the tools to optimize the speed and reliability of your CI workflows.


Detect and manage flaky tests

Flaky tests cause inconsistent builds, wasting time and resources as developers rerun tests to differentiate actual bugs from false alarms. Our dashboard identifies these problematic tests and provides tools for your team to target and resolve the most impactful flakiness efficiently.

Keep track of key project metrics

Meet Project Insights – your go-to instrument for monitoring your CI/CD reliability, stability, and throughput. With the help of Project Insights, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions and improve your team’s operational performance.

Identify Faulty Tests

Instead of navigating through thousands of log lines, simply dive into a single, unified report for the entire pipeline. In short, the feature merges test reports from all parallel jobs, so users can skim through vital testing data. Take a few minutes to configure Semaphore test reports, and save your team countless hours of scrolling through hard-to-read logs.

Test Reports Dashboard

Monitor KPIs across the organization

Get a bird’s eye view into how your organization is doing in terms of CI/CD and operational performance. The Organization Health dashboard allows you to keep track of key performance indicators for all projects across your organization and easily jump into a Project Insights view for a more detailed performance overview.

Organization Health Dashboard

Optimize your spending

Spending is often an underlooked indicator of your CI/CD efficiency. Gain a clear understanding of your CI/CD expenses with features for tracking spending over time and managing project-specific budgets, aiding in smarter financial decision-making.

Project Spending Dashboard