Kenhub speeds up its development process and finds Semaphore support invaluable

  • ⛔️️ No consistent CI process in place
  • ⛔️ A lot of time wasted on waiting until test suite finishes
  • ✅ A fast and streamlined CI process in place
  • ✅ Expert and timely help from Semaphore customer support team

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The Challenge

The Kenhub team realized that they were spending a pretty big amount of time just waiting for specs to run on their development boxes and not being able to do much else meanwhile. In addition, there was no easy way to know if the master branch was green before deploying it. The next logical step was to look at some kind of solution where they could just “throw the tests in another box”.

“I started looking at some Open Source tools because that’s what you do these days. Jenkins was out of the question – it was just a horrible piece of monstrosity that I didn’t even want to touch.”

The Solution

While testing solutions available on the market the engineering team at Kenhub found out that Semaphore has been easy to set up and get going. In the beginning, Semaphore’s core functionalities were enough for the team, but with time they also appreciated the fact that Semaphore product team is constantly innovating. Soon the Kenhub team was able to benefit even more from introducing parallel processes and speeding up their development process.

With time they also found the “Debugging with SSH Access” feature combined with Semaphore’s technical customer support incremental to the speed of delivering new features for their platform.

Another big selling point was the quick response time and expertise of our customer support team.

“You respond really quickly and we talk to people who know what they’re talking about (not some random support person telling you to reboot your system). This kind of level of support you can get from Semaphore is invaluable. It clearly stands out and makes a big difference. It’s definitely something to wholeheartedly recommend and I really I want to say thanks again to the team and everybody I spoke to. No exceptions. I know I probably sound like advertising for you guys but that’s really how I feel. It’s just fantastic really!”

The Results

Semaphore really helped offload a lot of burden for the Kenhub team – they just pushed their changes, and results came in a few minutes later. They were able to see the state of each branch instantly thanks to the GitHub integration. Kenhub’s workflow also improved because they didn’t start reviewing a PR before the branch was green. Semaphore streamlined the team’s development process and saved the team a lot of time.


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“It’s way faster and we just pay Semaphore for the number of build seconds we actually use. As we’ve spent a bit of time optimizing our build speed, each build costs about 10 cents.”

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