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Write with Semaphore!

Semaphore’s blog has gotten over 2.5M people readers worldwide in 2022. Writing with Semaphore is a great opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge with a worldwide developer community.
  • Grow your personal brand.
  • Become a better technical writer by collaborating with an accomplished team of technical writers and editors.
  • Get paid while doing so.

2.5M readers

in 2022



300+ groups online

content deployed to

new writers

in 2022

Topics we are looking for

Our articles and tutorials help everyone become (and stay) a well-rounded software developer. To this end, the Semaphore blog covers both cutting-edge technology and timeless topics on building software products and collaborating within an engineering team.

We’re especially interested in:

  • Development news worth knowing about: what’s new in open source languages and frameworks.
  • DevSecOps tools and libraries: tools that are useful for building, testing, and deploying code in CI/CD pipelines.
  • Continuous Delivery: general principles and specific tutorials.
  • Software architecture: architecture and design for startups and enterprises, scaling, microservices.
  • Culture: team collaboration, personal growth, leadership, engineering management.

All articles must adhere to Semaphore’s writing guidelines, and drafts must be submitted as Markdown files according to our formatting guidelines.

How much we pay

  • Most new articles are paid out at $400.
  • Complex tutorials may be paid out at up to $500.
  • Updates for existing tutorials, such as new version changes,
    are typically paid out at $100 to $200, based on the number of changes.
  • All payouts are at editorial discretion.
  • Writers are payed a 50% bonus if their article published on
    semaphoreci.com accumulates over 1,000 non-paid pageviews
    seven days after publishing.

Here’s what we are looking for in a technical writer

Practicing developers with good writing skills

We’re looking for diverse practicing developers with good writing skills who want to share their knowledge with the developer community worldwide.

Proven hands-on experience in the subject-matter

Ideally, you’ll have demonstrated experience in the topics we’re publishing so that completing the article doesn’t require an extraordinary amount of effort.

Solid writing experience

You’ll have written before, and are comfortable receiving feedback on your writing during the publishing process.


Our readers have a wide range of skills, but we’re looking for writers who can write for intermediate developers and engineering leaders.

Apply to write with Semaphore

If this is in your alley, please submit your title idea, an outline of your article, and a writing sample that showcases your ability to explain your technical knowledge to others. We publish only original, first-run content.

If your proposal is accepted, we’ll contact you about the next steps.