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Semaphore Uncut: CI/CD Slack Notifications

Semaphore Uncut is our weekly live show where we talk about continuous integration, continuous delivery and Semaphore 2.0, our new product with customizable CI/CD pipelines. In our latest episode of Semaphore Uncut, we showed you how to set up Slack notifications in Semaphore 2.0. Read on to learn more and watch the video.

How to set up Slack notifications in Semaphore 2.0

In the previous episode, we talked about the differences between Semaphore Classic and Semaphore 2.0. This time around, we showed you Slack Notifications in Semaphore 2.0. See how they work below:

What’s next

In today’s episode of Uncut, we’re setting up a CI/CD pipeline for a Rails application.

To give Semaphore 2.0 a try, read our migration guide, or jump straight in and get $20 of free monthly credit.

Happy building, and see you in the next episode of Semaphore Uncut!

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