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    17 Mar 2020 · Semaphore News

    Semaphore Uncut: A First Look at Semaphore 2.0

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    We’re excited to let you know that this week we started making Semaphore Uncut, a weekly live video stream in which we will talk about Semaphore 2.0, our new continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) product, as well as other topics relevant to Semaphore users with everyone interested to join us live.

    The goal of Semaphore Uncut is to connect with our users, show hands on what’s new in Semaphore and how you can use it, and answer as many of your questions as we can.

    The first episode of Semaphore Uncut

    In the episode that aired on this Wednesday, our co-founder Darko Fabijan took the viewers for a tour of Semaphore 2.0.

    The participants shared some great feature suggestions, and asked a lot of interesting questions. Here are just some of the questions Darko answered in this episode:

    • Will there be a way to have different values for stored environment variables depending on the servers?
    • Are the jobs VMs or containers? Can you use your own base image?
    • Is secret encryption asymmetric?
    • Is there any way to run Semaphore configuration locally through Docker?
    • Is Semaphore 2.0 based on Kubernetes?
    • What about debugging pipeline through SSH? Is there any way to do that?
    • What about caching things?
    • Is the same VM used for all jobs/tasks in the pipeline? (So we can reuse
      resources like Docker images)
    • So, can you put different values for env vars in the environments? I guess in the promotion part of the YAML file?
    • How can you know which version is currently deployed to staging 1 for example?
    • Is it possible to run a pipeline on my own dedicated servers?
    • Who do I bribe for early access?

    Watch the episode to learn answers to these questions and take a peek into Semaphore 2.0.

    If you’d like to get beta access and email notifications about future Semaphore Uncut episodes and Semaphore 2.0 updates, apply for an invite.

    Happy building, and see you in the next episode!

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