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What’s New in Spring 2021

The latest product news and updates from Semaphore.

Monorepo CI/CD is easier than ever

As of this moment, our team is rolling out a new set of monorepo features to a selected number of users. We are planning a GA roll out in the next few weeks. 

Improvements introduced include:

  • Pre-processing – a compiler job that runs at the start of each monorepo pipeline.
  • UI indicator – a new UI element that shows the log of pre-processing job.
  • Improved stability – reduced failure rates of monorepo pipeline processing.
  • Exclude parameter – ability to define which folders to skip. 
  • Glob pattern support –  wildcard characters available in change_in.

Faster and more stable job logs

Time is of the essence when you’re debugging your jobs. In the past few months, we worked on improving the stability and rendering speed of job logs. With the latest batch of improvements rolled out we are seeing ~35% decrease in job logs load times.

See where we’re headed on our public roadmap

From now on you can see what’s in our development queue on roadmap.semaphoreci.com.

Over the years your feedback helped us shape and improve our product. If you have an exciting idea that we didn’t think of, you can share it with our product team.

We continue to update our images and software stack

Xcode 11.7 and Xcode 11.6 are now available on our MacOS image. We also continue to update our Ubuntu 18.04 image bi-weekly. Some of the interesting new additions include install-package and parallel version 20161222.

What the future holds

With the new year ahead of us we have a lot of exciting projects in the queue. 
Here are some of the things that our team will focus on:

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