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What’s New in Winter 2020

The latest product news and updates from Semaphore.

Learn More with Fork&Run

Fork & Run

Whether you’re new to Semaphore or already an experienced user there’s always something to learn from our example projects. You can now easily fork and run one of our demos when creating a new project.

Docker images for your CI/CD workflow

We have introduced the Semaphore Container Registry. Our registry contains some of the most frequently used Docker images and will be updated regularly. You can pull these images without any restrictions or limitations.

Semaphore Container Registry

The new UI is even better, thanks to your feedback

    • Added the Projects menu in the header for easier navigation.
    • Redesigned workflow item in workflow list to make branches more prominent.
    • Added icons to differentiate between Branch/PR/Tag triggers in the workflow list.
    • Job logs auto-scroll to the bottom of the failed command output instead of the top.
New UI

We continue to update our images and software stack

Xcode 12 is here and is now also available on Semaphore as a new macOS image environment. We still continue to update our Xcode11 image and will continue to do so for a year. Our Ubuntu 18.04 image continues to be updated bi-weekly.


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