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Talking CI/CD for HostingAdvice.com

I had an honor to get interviewed by HostingAdvice.com. We discussed:

  • The impact of automation on the development life cycle
  • Optimizing for developer productivity
  • The inception of Semaphore
  • Speeding up container builds and deploying to Kubernetes
  • Semaphore’s newly added feature:  out-of-the-box Monorepo support

“Semaphore is the fastest hosted CI/CD service available. The fact that we impact developer productivity keeps us motivated to continually move forward. With our platform, developers can focus more on writing code and solving problems than configuring and maintaining infrastructure.”

Marko Anastasov, co-founder of Semaphore

Read the full article here.

I had a great time talking about CI/CD and hope you will enjoy it!

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