CI/CD with Docker & Kubernetes

Learn how to deliver cloud-native applications at high velocity.

  • ✔️ The key benefits of using Docker containers and how to attain them.
  • ✔️ How deployment to Kubernetes works.
  • ✔️ How our culture and delivery tools need to change to fully benefit from the agility that containers and cloud can offer.
  • ✔️ Execute a detailed roadmap to adopting containers.

Software developers lose focus and time by waiting for code changes to propagate through slow CI/CD pipelines. That goes unnoticed because everyone assumes it’s inevitable.

Containers are hard

Containers change how developers build, test, and deploy code. Adopting them takes time. Using them the wrong way can slow down your delivery process.

But you don’t have a team of engineers to dedicate to this like Spotify or Netflix do. Maybe you’re a startup CTO with features to ship — you can’t spend hundreds of hours on internal systems.

Using this free ebook as a guide, you won’t need a dedicated sysadmin to have a productive container-based CI/CD process.

About the Authors

Marko Anastasov


Software engineer, author and co-founder of Semaphore. He worked on building and scaling Semaphore from an idea to a cloud-based platform used by some of the world’s engineering teams.

Jérôme Petazzoni


Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before that company became Docker. He has trained thousands of people to deploy their apps in confidence on Docker and Kubernetes, and continues to do so as an independent consultant.

Pablo Tom F. Zavalia


Electronic engineer and writer. Previously he worked at IBM as a database administrator, where he also did tutoring, DevOps, and cloud migrations.

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