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    4 Nov 2022 · Semaphore News

    Introducing Bitbucket integration in Semaphore

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    Github is the most popular Git provider but it’s certainly not the only one. One of the most common requests that we received from our customers was the Bitbucket support. We heard you: Semaphore now seamlessly integrates with Bitbucket! 

    From now on, Semaphore allows users to integrate their Bitbucket accounts and run builds on any changes in their Bitbucket repositories.

    What is Bitbucket and why is this integration important?

    Bitbucket is a Git tool from Atlassian. With over 10 million users, Bitbucket is one of the most popular Git providers. 

    With this seamless integration, Semaphore now supports engineering teams using Bitbucket as their Git provider. Thanks to the easy setup, your team can start building and testing your Bitbucket projects in minutes.

    How does Bitbucket integration work?

    To integrate your Bitbucket account with Semaphore, head over to https://id.semaphoreci.com/signup and choose the option “Sign up with Bitbucket”. 

    If you’re already using Semaphore, you can go to  your Account Settings at https://me.semaphoreci.com/account and connect your Bitbucket account there.

    The system will then ask you to authenticate your Bitbucket account. Fill out your Bitbucket details and click “Continue”.

    After that, you can choose a repository to run your CI/CD pipelines on and continue setting up your account. You can connect a repository via the Semaphore UI or through your personal Bitbucket access token.

    In one organization, you can have both Github and Bitbucket integrated with Semaphore. The distinction is per project. Thus, you can have one project running on Github and another one on Bitbucket, all within one organization.

    Read more about setting up your Semaphore account with Bitbucket in the docs.

    User and permission management

    In Semaphore, organization members can be added and removed only by organization admins. Access rights to projects are mirrored from Bitbucket.

    You can check user roles and their connected Bitbucket and/or Github account in the Organization headquarters.

    To be able to work on Bitbucket repositories in Semaphore, users will need to have either the Admin or Write access to the repository. Read more about granting repository access in Bitbucket in the docs.

    Why choose Semaphore for your Bitbucket projects?

    The ease of setting up projects is not the only reason why one would choose Semaphore as their CI/CD solution. Here’re a few other reasons why you’d want to integrate Bitbucket with Semaphore.

    Run CI/CD pipelines your way

    Build a production-ready pipeline in a couple of clicks with the Visual Workflow Builder. Visuals make it simple to build workflows and define pipelines.

    Define what to build

    Semaphore empowers your team to decide what and when to build. For instance, you can choose to build on all branches or whitelist the ones to run. You can also define whether you want to build on tags.

    Stay compliant with enterprise-level security

    Semaphore is built to meet the strictest security standards and regulations. With ISO 27001 certification, powerful role-based access control, audit logs, and pre-flight checks, Semaphore ensures that your CI/CD builds are 100% secured. Read more about Semaphore security.

    Notification updates

    You can set up notifications to trigger when the build passes or fails. You can define if you want to send a notification via Slack or configure a webhook to fire upon the success or failure of the pipeline.

    Automatic integration

    Your team doesn’t have to worry about setting up the right environment for your Bitbucket projects in Semaphore. When you connect your account, Semaphore will automatically know when new code is committed, to start building it.

    Merge checks

    Additionally, you can set up merge checks to ensure code quality before merging. You can use merge checks to recommend or require various conditions to be met. For instance, you can check for a number of passed builds on the last commit and no failed builds in Semaphore.

    Read more about merge checks in the Bitbucket docs.

    Contact us to learn more about the Bitbucket integration

    Whether you’re deploying across web, desktop, or mobile apps, Semaphore enables you to work smarter and deploy faster, in the cloud or on-premise.

    Would you like to set up your CI/CD pipelines with the powerful Bitbucket and Semaphore integration? Sign up for a free trial or contact us to schedule a demo

    Check out Semaphore docs for more details about how to set up your account. And always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

    Happy building!

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