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    Announcing Flaky Tests Dashboard Open Beta

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    In software development, “flaky tests” refer to automated tests that inconsistently pass or fail without clear reasons, often due to timing issues, dependencies, or external factors. These tests can lead to unreliable build results wasting hundreds of CI/CD build hours.

    Recognizing the disruptive impact of flaky tests, Semaphore is excited to announce the open beta of our Flaky Tests Dashboard, a specialized tool engineered to combat the unpredictability of flaky tests in your CI/CD pipeline.

    Flaky Tests Dashboard

    Key Features of the Flaky Tests Dashboard

    πŸ”Ž Flaky Test Detection: Rapid identification of failing tests, enabling quicker resolution and less time spent on troubleshooting.

    πŸ“Š Workflow Impact Analysis: Detailed insights into how flaky tests affect your pipeline’s efficiency and reliability.

    πŸ’‘ Insights and Trends: Comprehensive analytics to understand the causes of test flakiness and inform strategic improvements in your test suite.

    πŸ”₯ Additional Functionalities: Built-in ticketing system you can connect with any project management tool and label assignment for easier test resolution.

    Advantages of Using the Flaky Tests Dashboard

    ⏳ Reduce Time Wastage: Cut down the hours spent debugging and rerunning unpredictable tests.

    πŸ“ˆ Improve Reliability: Boost confidence in your testing suite by systematically addressing test flakiness.

    πŸ“ Leave more time for implementing business logic: Focus on genuine issues rather than intermittent test failures, streamlining your development process.

    βš–οΈ Optimize Resource Allocation: Allocate your development resources more effectively by reducing the need for repetitive test executions.

    Flaky Tests Dashboard Demo

    πŸ’‘ Hint: Demo starts at 1:32.

    Further Reading πŸ“š

    For more insightsπŸ’‘ , read our documentation page and check out our Flaky Test Feature page.

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