26 Mar 2020 ยท Semaphore News

    Webhooks API and More Updates

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    Our goal is to let our users fit Semaphore to a wide range of workflows, while keeping the core product simple to use. The API is a big part of that, and today I would like to announce some improvements we’ve made.

    First, we added some useful information to existing API endpoints:

    – There is now a html_url for projects on Semaphore in Project API response.
    Webhook payload is richer for event (which can be “build” or “deploy”) and project_hash_id, a unique identifier of the project on which the event occurred.

    Second, bigger and more interesting thing to mention is the new webhooks API. Now you can easily create, update and delete webhooks via API, which makes it easy to automate your favourite Semaphore integration.

    You can always find the latest API documentation on our documentation site.

    We are beginning to plan the next version of Semaphore API and we’re ready to hear any suggestions about features you would like to see. And of course about new use cases or tools that you would like to integrate. Just write a comment below or get in touch via our standard support channel.

    Happy integrating!

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