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Introducing Continuous Integration for Go on Semaphore

Today we’re happy to announce our next step in platform expansion with full support for continuous integration of Go projects on Semaphore. Go: programming language of the future Rob Pike described the reason behind creating Go as follows: “The goals of the Go project were to eliminate the slowness and clumsiness of software development at Google, and thereby to make the process more productive and scalable”. In addition to being…

Unit Tests for Chef Cookbooks With ChefSpec

The Agile movement brought many fresh ideas which enriched the world of software development and changed way how we look to it. This philosophy left marks on how we look our infrastructure too. By treating the infrastructure equally important as other parts of the project, there was a need for making sure that infrastructure is equally trusty and tested as the code we write. Thanks to the Chef and other…

Integration Testing for Chef-Driven Infrastructure with Test Kitchen

Introduction A big obstacle to the mission to treat infrastructure as code is the way we test it. In the past, the practice of writing automated tests for infrastructure did not exist. Instead, the process was manual, repetitive and error-prone: we would log into a remote machine and run various commands to verify the system. A big drawback of this process is that you must have a list of everything…

Introduction to Chef

Treating infrastructure as code refers to writing code, via any descriptive language, to manage server provisioning and configuration process in addition to deployment of actual application code. It involves adopting automated testing and related practices that are already used in modern application development, such as version control, integration testing, small deployments, use of design patterns etc. Following those practices and rules means writing code to provision and manage the configuration…

Smarter Email Notifications

After recent introduction of default email notification settings and consolidation in one tab, today we are happy to announce more improvements.

One Place for All Email Notification Settings

Today, we’re releasing a new way of managing email notifications on Semaphore.

Introducing RubyGems Mirror

Like pretty much everything in the Ruby world, Semaphore would not exist without Bundler and So first of all I would like to say big thanks to the guys and gals for providing and maintaining such great tools for all of us. <3

Webhooks API and More Updates

Our goal is to let our users fit Semaphore to a wide range of workflows, while keeping the core product simple to use. The API is a big part of that, and today I would like to announce some improvements we’ve made.

Post-thread commands

We’ve rolled out a new feature that lets you run commands at the end of each thread, regardless of whether build commands passed or failed.