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Semaphore Uncut

A podcast for developers about building great products. Join us in discussing engineering excellence with top experts and sharpening your coding skills with technical tips from the Semaphore team. Your host is Semaphore’s co-founder, Darko Fabijan.

Recent Episodes

Matt Klein
Episode 11 - October 03, 2019 - 29:12

Lyft Software Engineer Matt Klein on the Future of Envoy

In this episode, Darko chats with Matt Klein, a software engineer at Lyft. Matt is the architect behind Envoy, one of the most popular open-source service proxies, which is shipping out a new mobile version soon.

Jason Van Brackel
Episode 10 - August 24, 2019 - 27:13

Jason van Brackel on Seamless Kubernetes Adoption for Development Teams

In this podcast, Darko chats with Jason L. van Brackel, director of community at Rancher Labs. They discuss general misconceptions about Kubernetes, open-source projects that make Kubernetes a breeze for enterprise, and why Rancher is the “easy button” for Kubernetes.

Meet the host

Darko Fabijan

Darko, co-founder of Semaphore, enjoys breaking new ground and exploring tools and ideas that improve developer lives. He enjoys finding the best technical solutions with his engineering team at Semaphore. In his spare time, you’ll find him cooking, hiking and gardening indoors.