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Introducing Semaphore for iOS, a supercharged CI/CD service

Introducing Semaphore hosted CI/CD for iOS

Today, we’re very excited to introduce Semaphore for iOS, a supercharged CI/CD service which makes it easy to build, test and deploy applications for any Apple device.

iOS support is fully integrated into Semaphore 2.0, so you can use the same powerful CI/CD pipeline features for iOS as you do for Linux-based development:

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Besides the well-earned recognition for speed, Semaphore provides everything iOS developers need in order to deliver apps quickly:

  • Serverless & Pay-as-you-go model
    Semaphore 2.0 scales to every git push, and you only pay for what you use.

  • Support for all Apple devices
    Build, test and distribute apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS.

  • Works with Xcode, React Native and Flutter
    Semaphore 2.0 supports continuous integration for iOS apps made with Xcode, React Native and Flutter.

  • Fast feedback at scale
    Use popular pre-installed tools such as Fastlane, Homebrew, CocoaPods and Node.js.

  • Integrates with Fastlane
    Store developer certificates and perform code signing with Semaphore’s Fastlane plugin.

  • Support for HockeyApp and TestFlight
    Automatically push apps to HockeyApp, TestFlight and more when pull requests are merged.

Pricing starts at $0.0005/second for the a1-standard-4 machine type. The free Semaphore account equips you with a $20/month free credit. This should put you on a solid start.

We are very excited to support the iOS and Apple developer community with this new release. Give it a go, get more control over your iOS development and start shipping your apps faster today.

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