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Continuous Integration with Docker Gets More Space with New Semaphore Platform

CI/CD for Docker and Kubernetes

Today we’re happy to announce general availability of the Docker Light platform. Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the environment provides one physical CPU (2 vCPUs), 4GB of RAM and 10GB of disk space.

As Docker-based workflows developed, teams have increasingly told us that they don’t need anything in the OS preinstalled, except for what’s required to be able to build and run containers. Without the overhead, your builds can run consistently and efficiently.

We recommend all users who run their entire stack in containers to switch their projects to the Docker Light platform.

Semaphore’s Docker platform has been powering continuous integration and deployment of container-based systems for over two years now. Because it’s based on full virtualization and provides unrestricted access to low level operating system functions, it has also been useful to developers working on system software.

The Docker Light platform is available on all plans, including the free tier for open source, which we have recently increased. You can switch to the new platform in your project settings, Platform tab.

For details on the software available in Docker Light, please see the documentation.

We’re looking to hear your feedback and to see what you’ll make with it. Happy building!

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