18 May 2020 · Software Engineering

    Video Tutorials on Setting up Continuous Integration and Deployment with Semaphore

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    We at Semaphore are all about continuous learning and sharing knowledge — our team spends a lot of time learning from various online and offline sources, as well as sharing our knowledge by writing and editing tutorials on TDD and BDD best practices, which we publish in the Semaphore Community.

    One of the YouTube channels our developers regularly follow is Will Stern’s LearnCode.academy, where he posts useful video tutorials covering a wide range of topics, including React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Docker, DevOps, and deployment strategies.

    We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Will, who wrote an excellent tutorial on unit testing for React applications for our Community. He also made video tutorials on using Semaphore for testing a Node.js application, and on continuous deployment with Semaphore.

    Continuous Integration for JavaScript Applications

    The first video will help you get continuous integration up and running for a JavaScript project:

    You can also read Will’s tutorial on getting started with unit testing for a React and MobX application using Enzyme and Jest in our Community.

    Continuous Deployment with Semaphore

    In the second video, Will covers how to improve development workflow with continuous deployment:

    If you’re just starting out with continuous integration and deployment, or you just haven’t tried Semaphore yet, you can use Semaphore to test your open source projects for free or start a 30-day free trial for your private projects.

    Happy building!

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