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Ruby version usage in commercial projects, 2014 edition

Last year we calculated how much each version of Ruby was used by private projects on Semaphore. Given that many people viewed and shared the report, we decided to run the numbers again and compare the results.

To set the context, here are the most notable milestones achieved by the Ruby core team in the meantime:

  • Ruby 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 were released.
  • 1.9.3 entered security maintenance phase.
  • 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 reached end of life.

The chart below shows the distribution of Ruby versions in private projects tested on Semaphore.

Ruby versions used on Semaphore in 2014

The bar chart below shows difference in usage between 2013 and 2014.

Ruby versions used on Semaphore by years

The most notable change is that now the majority of projects is using some version of Ruby 2. If we combine the representation of all 2.x versions, we see a rise from 30.6% to 51.1%.

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