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Custom Configuration Files

If testing and deploying your project requires some specific configuration files, you can now manage them directly through our new Custom Files feature. This feature allows you to securely create, edit or delete files that are not part of your repository.

For your new custom file you need to specify a target file path. For instance, if you have a project “semaphore_builder” and you want to add a new custom file to your project’s directory, your file path should look like the one on the screenshot below:

For greater security, the content of your custom files can be encrypted. We strongly recommend that you select this option if you are adding sensitive content such as SSH keys. Once encrypted, encrypted file cannot be edited. The identity of your file can determined by an MD5 hash.

Here are some ideas how you could use this feature:

– Saving one (or more) additional SSH keys used to check out a private project dependency.
– Creating a database.yml with non-standard attributes.
– Storing a custom /etc/hosts file for subdomain configuration.

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