4 Apr 2013 · Semaphore News

    API for build information and build log

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    We have added two new endpoints to our API which allow users to get more information about a build.

    Basic build information is available via Build Information endpoint and the build’s log can be fetched via Build Log endpoint (which also includes build’s basic information).

    URLs to these endpoints are now included in the resposes of other API requests where appropriate, ie whenever a build is referenced.

    The API documentation has been updated accordingly with these latest additions.

    There are also new environment variables available during the build:


    These can be used to construct an API URL in a custom hook after the tests have run, for example.

    We’re very happy to see more projects using our API. Since its introduction, we’ve served over 4 million API requests, and almost a quarter of those has come in the last week alone.

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