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    Semaphore API

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    It’s been a while since we’ve announced the availability of build status API on Twitter. Here I’d like to let you know what it is exactly at the moment and what we plan to do in the future.

    The methods

    The API is very simple – right now there are only two methods. One gets you a list of all branches on a project, and another returns the current status on a requested project and branch.

    You can easily copy the working URLs in your project settings:

    Planned improvements

    Our users have already been doing cool stuff with the API. Pivotal Labs have added support for Semaphore projects on their dashboard app.

    Build status method returns only last completed build’s status, but we’re going to change that soon. For instance, you may not want to allow deployment of a branch that is still building.

    We’re also going to expose the full build history via new method(s).

    We’re happy when we receive a request to expand the API, so please contact us if you need something.

    One more thing

    If you’d rather to be notified when a build is finished, you can subscribe a HTTP endpoint to a post-build webhook. Semaphore will send a POST request with information about the build. We’re also planning to add pre-build webhooks, so that you know when a build has started.

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