The Power of Precision: Technical Writing Skills for Developers

πŸ“ Takeaways:

  • How to simplify complex information
  • How to grab your readers’ attention
  • What tools to use to enhance your writing skills.
  • Companies that pay you for writing.

1. Making Money with Writing

How to make money as a freelance technical writer. If you’re struggling this talk is for you. Discover essential tips and tricks for effective technical writing in this comprehensive guide.

2. How to Write Engaging Articles

Who said technical writing has to be boring? In fact, I believe a good writer can make interesting any topic. In this talk, I cover techniques to grab the reader’s attention and keep momentum until the end.

Meet the host

Tomas Fernandez

I acquired most of my skills during my years of work at IBM, where I held various roles such as DBA (Database Administrator), developer, and cloud engineer. After my time at IBM, I ventured into freelancing and discovered a passion for writing. Currently, I am a full-time writer at Semaphore.


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