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Transitioning from Monolith to Microservices Handbook

Microservices are the most scalable way of developing software. As projects grow in size and complexity, one of the possible ways forward is to break the system into autonomous microservices and hand them out to different teams. This book helps you bridge the gap between monoliths and microservices.

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    In this 70+ page handbook, you’ll learn:

    • What microservices are.
    • How to restructure your organization for microservices.
    • Design principles for microservices.
    • How to break up the monolith.
    • How to run microservices.

    Given the advantages, one would be forgiven for thinking that microservices are the superior architecture. But there are some caveats that, if ignored, can lead to development hell. This book aims to help you decide when migrating your monolith to the microservice architecture is a good idea, if so, navigate the choppy waters ahead.

    This book is intended for software engineers at every level and tech leaders who are either exploring microservice architecture or are faced with serious scalability problems in their monolith applications.