No More Seat Costs: Semaphore Plans Just Got Better!

The best CI/CD solution to maximize developer velocity

Ship updates faster with our industry-leading performance CI/CD solution

Fully customizable CI/CD pipelines

In the cloud or on-premise hosting options

Enterprise-level security

Features built for developers, by developers

Run CI/CD pipelines your way

Minimize the time that you spend on building and running your pipelines.

  • Build a production-ready pipeline
    in a couple of clicks with the Visual Workflow Builder. Visuals make it simple to build workflows and define pipelines.
  • Use infrastructure-as-code
    and your pipelines as part of the repository. Define machine types and branching options in your YAML file.
  • Model complex delivery pipelines
    with full DAG support. Run things in parallel or in sequence, and create chains of your dependencies.
  • Monitor the health of your builds
    and deployments with Pipeline Speed Metrics and Test Reports. See how fast your pipelines are running and which tests are failing.

Build CI/CD in the cloud or on-premise

Whether you want to host your CI/CD with Semaphore or have it fully on your own servers, we’ve got you covered.

Semaphore Hosted

  • Advanced CD features
  • Scale as you go
  • Setup, security, and maintenance support
  • Automatic updates rolled out regularly

Semaphore On-Premise

  • Host your CI/CD behind your company firewall
  • Manage CI/CD on your own infrastructure
  • Full compliance with security regulations
  • One-click updates

Stay compliant with Enterprise-level security

Semaphore is built to meet the strictest security standards and regulations.

Self-hosted agents.

Build your fleet of CI/CD agents behind the security of your company firewall while still enjoying the simplicity of the Semaphore app.

ISO 27001 certification.

Semaphore is ISO 27001 certified – a golden standard to prove that we’re a secure and reliable software provider.

Powerful role-based access control

Define access permissions based on user roles and control who can access what.

Audit logs.

Store your logs in a secure place and comply with all security regulations. Your team can configure an external location where the logs are exported every hour.

Pre-flight checks.

With pre-flight checks in Semaphore, admins can set up checks that the system needs to pass before any pipeline can start running.

SAML and SCIM support.

Create frictionless registration for Semaphore users via the OKTA identity provider. Easily onboard new users and seamlessly secure user access to Semaphore..

Get out-of-the-box monorepo support

  • Run custom CI/CD workflows for changes on specific files
  • Save time by skipping unnecessary build & test stages

Features built for developers, by developers

Whether you’re deploying across web, desktop, or mobile apps, Semaphore enables you to work smarter and deploy faster.

Stay true to your
language and platform

Build, test, and deploy Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Android, and iOS apps. Run in parallel on Linux and macOS.

Define custom build

Run CI/CD in any Docker image, speed up container builds and deploy to Kubernetes on any cloud.

Build faster with smart

Automatically reuse standard language dependencies, with a CLI for full control for your custom files.

Optimize CI/CD runtime

With artifacts, fail-fast, auto-cancel, and job prioritization features, you can dramatically minimize the time it takes to run your CI/CD pipelines.

Model any DevOps

Semaphore is great at modeling complex delivery workflows for fast feedback with chainable pipelines, parallel execution, and dependency management.

Debug failures in seconds

Use Semaphore CLI to inspect logs or SSH into running jobs. You can launch exact copies of finished workflows in less than 2 seconds.

Integrate with GitHub or Bitbucket

Semaphore integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket. Enjoy the ease of setting up and running your CI/CD pipelines with both Git providers.

Need to convince your boss?

Need proof that Semaphore is the CI/CD solution your team needs? We put together a PDF that highlights how your team will benefit from using Semaphore. Get it now to convince your boss!

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