Slow CI? Reduce Rails CI build time by 5x and keep your team productive

We got it. You've tried it all, but time from commit to deploy is still growing. You have business objectives and can't spend hundreds of hours optimizing continuous integration.

The good news? Semaphore Boosters can automatically parallelize your Rails CI build with split-second precision, so your team can stay focused on writing quality code.

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It’s a game changer for the team, and the business

Thomas Winkler

CTO at SimpliFlow

“We were able to reduce the time of our test suite from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 10 minutes!

Bryce Senz

CIO at Credda

“Our productivity has increased tremendously, almost doubling our output in terms of tickets we close each week.

Semaphore is trusted by top engineering teams around the world


Reduce Rails CI build time by 5x in just a few clicks

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