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CI/CD for large teams with high growth targets

Reach peak performance with advanced CI/CD features and tailored training from the experts at Semaphore.

Customizable build environment

Build your CI/CD behind the security of your company firewall. Configure the environment that your team needs on Linux, Windows, ARM, Kubernetes, or Docker.

Enterprise-level security

Comply with the strictest security standards and regulations. Semaphore offers IP allow list, pre-flight checks, and audit logs to ensure your CI/CD operations are 100% secured.

Premium support packages

Access our advanced support package (available as an add-on). Semaphore’s team of experts will be on hand to offer professional CI/CD support to help you achieve business goals.

Semaphore Scaleup

  • Unlimited parallelism
  • Self-hosted agents
  • Organization health metrics
  • Advanced CD features
  • Enterprise level security
  • Annual billing options
  • Dedicated success manager

Semaphore On-Prem

  • Fully hosted in your own infrastructure
  • Regular and simple to install updates
  • Organization health metrics
  • Advanced CD features
  • Enterprise level security
  • Advanced Support included
  • Premium support available

Premium customer support from the team of CI/CD experts

Available as an add-on

  • Lightning-fast replies to support queries
  • Solution engineering, video support, and more
  • CI/CD engineering training for your team
  • Support SLAs

Customer results

Here are the results companies achieved after switching to Semaphore:

  • 3x↓

    build time


    deploys per day


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We cut our average build
    time by more than half
    and deploy 3x more often”

    Nic Cavigliano, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3x↓

    time to get feedback


    wait for CI to start


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We moved away from GitHub Actions and now build 3x faster”

    Amin Ben Slimen, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3.6x

    faster build time


    cheaper to run builds


    better performance

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    “We reduced our build time from 22 minutes to 8 minutes with Semaphore”

    Conrad Irwin, CTO / Co-Founder at Superhuman

  • 50x

    faster build time


    decrease in turnaround-time


    bigger productivity

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    “We build iOS apps 2x faster and have projects running in one platform”

    Philip Sampaio Silva, Team Leader at Magnetis

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Build CI/CD in the cloud or on-premise

Whether you want to host your CI/CD with Semaphore or have it fully on your own servers, we’ve got you covered.

  • Graphical Workflow builder
  • Monorepo workflows
  • SSH access to running jobs
  • Advanced CD features
  • Organization health metrics
  • Permission management and user groups
  • Audit logs
  • Okta (SAML/SCIM) and OpenID Connect
  • Solution engineering
  • Flexible annual billing options
  • Self-hosted agents
  • Cloud machines
  • Cloud artifacts
  • Advanced Support package
  • Host CI/CD on your own infrastructure
  • No machine time fee

Semaphore Scaleup

  • Optional

Semaphore On-Premise

  • Required