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Docker Image Size – Does It Matter?

Does Docker image size matter? The answer I usually hear is “yes”.The logical question that follows is “why?”. I’ve heard the following two answers too often for my liking: A smaller image takes less disk space. A large image is difficult to upload. It takes a long time. Although both these statements sound like they make sense, neither is generally true.

A First Look at Semaphore’s New API Specification Semantic

We’ve recently started redesigning Semaphore’s public API, and we’ve established some general guidelines and semantics for elements in the URI path. A good understanding of URI path element semantics can ease API usage, so we are presenting it here.

Flaky Tests: Are You Sure You Want to Rerun Them?

Different teams have different approaches to dealing with flaky tests. Some even go as far as using the “Let’s run each test 10 times and if it passes at least once, it passed” approach.

How to Capture All Errors Returned by a Function Call in Elixir

If there is an Elixir library function that needs to be called, how can we be sure that all possible errors coming from it will be captured? Elixir/Erlang vs. Mainstream Languages Elixir is an unusual language because it functions as a kind of a wrapper around another language. It utilizes Erlang and its rock solid libraries to build new concepts on top of it. Erlang is also different compared to…