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Come work with an international remote team that strives for excellence and is on a mission to build an industry-defining product that maximizes the performance of the engineering teams.✌️

Build an industry-defining product with us

Semaphore is a leader in hosted continuous integration and deployment, with over 30,000 engineers relying on it to test and deploy their code. We work in small, highly effective teams, and every person is vital to the success of the company.

We’re at the forefront of an ongoing evolution in software development. Our customers are companies across more than 100 countries, from teams in industry heavyweights to startups just about to make their dent in the universe. What they all have in common is a need to move as fast as possible — and Semaphore enables them to do that.

Our team is made of smart, creative people who love their craft. We believe that a great place to work is where we’re surrounded by self-managed people who consistently do good work and positively inspire us. We work in a fast-changing environment of a new market, and there are many ways you can make a great impact. You will not be just improving the product or customer experience, but have a voice in shaping the company culture too.

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Here’s what working with us is like

We learn through doing

We have a humble conviction that we can accomplish anything through iteration. We do the smallest thing possible, ship it as quickly as possible, get feedback, learn from it, improve or adjust course, rinse, repeat. Speed matters in business. Learning is best done through doing.

We believe in simplicity

We believe that simple technology, design, and service win. We fight entropy by always finding ways to simplify. Rules exist if they make our lives simpler and are absent if they would make it more complicated. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

We’re autonomous

Autonomy is required to feel motivated at work, along with mastery of the craft and purpose of the job. Each team member needs to be largely self-managed, without a need for daily management check-ins to achieve their goals. When possible, we give people and teams the freedom and responsibility to make a decision and hold them accountable for that, instead of imposing rules and approval processes.

We trust each other

Our default approach to information sharing is to make it transparent early on, with the right context. Habitual knowledge sharing supports continuous improvement across the company. We trust team members to do the right thing—and to ask questions when unsure—instead of having rigid rules. Finally, we trust that we will do what we promised to each other and to our customers.

We work together

To achieve results, we must work together effectively. We treat our customers and each other with respect and empathy. We make time to help our colleagues when they need it and trust they will do the same when we share problems that we run into. We are open-minded and seek a mutual understanding. We are ready to examine our convictions with humility. And we are ego-less when searching for best ideas.

We continuously improve

We are always learning and growing ourselves. Continuous improvement qualifies us to do our present tasks with wider vision, increasing competence, and rising demands on ourselves. When you are in this mindset learning is life-long, there is no room for complaints, and work never gets boring.

Life at Semaphore: From Our Team’s Perspective

“I never felt like working alone or by myself. I can always count on my colleagues, my team. We have room to be whoever we are and be equally respected.”

Mateus do Prado Capistrano 🇧🇷

Tech Support Engineer

“Working remotely is great. I’m in touch on a daily basis with people from other countries without any trouble, even with time differences.”

Luciano Liberti 🇦🇷

Engineering Project Manager

“I really love the fact that we’ve got such a kind group of people. It’s super cool because we’re able to basically build our own fullfilling job.”

Rebecca Fowler 🇺🇸

Head of Customer Success

“The owners treat people as persons, not just resources, which is kind of a wonderful feeling. I managed to find place where my hobby meets work.”

Nandor Bors 🇷🇴

Platform Engineer

“I know that if I will need any kind of help my team will support me. I feel appreciated that they know and value my work and that’s just amazing and priceless.”

Svetlana Cosovic Stajic 🇷🇸

HR Recruiter

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Normal 40-hour work week
  • Flexible paid days-off
  • Paid books of your choice
  • Paid gym membership
  • Work from anywhere
  • Paid software and hardware
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid trips to conferences

Help us build an industry-defining product

We’re building a platform that makes development teams move faster. See what we’re looking for right now. ✌️