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On a mission to help teams deliver products at high velocity

We are 100% specialized in CI/CD

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in business

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Here’s why you should choose Semaphore CI/CD

Faster Onboarding

Get started in minutes while guided by our CI/CD experts with over 10 yrs experience

3x Better Performance

Run your CI/CD 3x faster than with any other tool

Safe and Secure

Stay security compliant with our ISO 27001 certification

Zero Maintenance

Save time – neither our hardware or software requires maintenance

Scalable model

Scale your CI/CD as your team grows

Higher Productivity

Hit your targets through the insights into developer productivity

Pipelines to model any CI/CD or DevOps workflow

Configure your CI/CD pipelines exactly the way you need them to run. From simple sequential builds to multi-stage parallel pipelines, Semaphore can do it all for any team size and organization.

Direct access to CI/CD experts with 10+ years experience

Get professional CI/CD help and assistance from our team of highly-experienced experts. We go the extra mile to ensure your CI/CD goals are met.

First-class custom CI/CD training for your developers

Eliminate the CI/CD gaps that exist in your engineering team in order to reach maximum velocity and move forward at unprecedented speed.

Everything you need to become a well-rounded developer

CI/CD through the helpful resources created by our CI/CD experts and the best technical writers worldwide. Join the vibrant community of 25K+ developers.

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    Listen to our podcast for developers about building great products
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    Download guides, PDFs, and whitepapers on best CI/CD practices
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Here’s how Semaphore compares to other CI/CD tools

With Semaphore you will:
  • Get started in minutes, no maintenance required
  • Get solutions for the entire Continuous Delivery process
  • Deliver your projects 2-3x faster & have more stable CI
  • Receive dedicated support every step of the way

Customer results

Here are the results companies achieved after switching to Semaphore:

  • 3x↓

    build time


    deploys per day


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We cut our average build time by more than half and deploy 3x more often”

    Nic Cavigliano, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3x↓

    time to get feedback


    wait for CI to start


    decrease in flaky tests

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    “We moved away from GitHub Actions and now build 3x faster”

    Amin Ben Slimen, Senior Software Engineer

  • 3.6x

    faster build time


    cheaper to run builds


    better performance

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    “We reduced our build time from 22 minutes to 8 minutes with Semaphore”

    Conrad Irwin, CTO / Co-Founder at Superhuman

  • 50x

    faster build time


    decrease in turnaround-time


    bigger productivity

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    “We build iOS apps 2x faster and have projects running in one platform”

    Philip Sampaio Silva, Team Leader at Magnetis