11 Jul 2022 · Software Engineering

    A Complete Guide to Optimizing Slow Tests

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    We have released a new guide containing every piece of wisdom we could muster to help you write fast tests and keep them fast. The guide is open source and you can download it today.

    Why we wrote this guide

    Testing is a constant in any development process. It drives design. It assures quality. It gives you peace of mind. A slow test suite, however, has many drawbacks:

    • Makes developers lose focus: slow tests are distracting and make people squander precious creative energy.
    • Slows the development cycle: release and deployment goals are missed, hurting the organization’s competitive edge.
    • Dampens feedback: since tests do not run as often, it takes longer to find errors.
    • Increases costs: a slow CI/CD pipeline is more expensive to operate. Time is money!

    Who is it for

    We believe the guide will be helpful to:

    • Developers of every skill and seniority level as testing are an inseparable part of their lives.
    • CTOs and Directors of Engineering who want to find the best way of shipping faster by optimizing the test suite and CI/CD pipelines.
    • Engineering teams who want to get the most benefit of Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

    Download it today

    Get a free copy of the guide today and start enjoying the benefits of fast testing.

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