Semaphore Uncut: Debugging Running CI Jobs

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Customizable CI/CD dashboards in Semaphore 2.0

In the previous episode of Semaphore Uncut, we showed you how to customize CI/CD dashboards in Semaphore 2.0. This time around, you'll see how to debug your running CI jobs.

How to debug running jobs in Semaphore 2.0

Debugging in Semaphore 2.0 is made easier by the sem attach utility, which allows you to attach to the currently running job and debug it.

See how it works below:

Semaphore Uncut 004 — Debugging jobs: Attaching to running jobs

What's next

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In this Wednesday's Uncut, we'll show you the sem debug command, which allows you to start a new job from a finished job and debug it that way. To join us, add this week's Semaphore Uncut to your calendar.

What do you think about sem attach? Feel free to share any suggestions or questions on debugging in 2.0 and future episodes in the comments below.

Happy building, and see you on Wednesday!

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