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Semaphore can now parallelize your builds

We’re very excited to announce that build parallelization in Semaphore is now available to all trial users and customers with Pro 2 plan and higher.

How does it work?

When adding a new project or editing its’ build settings, you can schedule your build commands to run in multiple threads:

That’s it. Now Semaphore will run all Setup plus Thread #1 commands in one thread, and Setup plus Thread #2 commands in another:

At the moment the limit is two threads, but the plan is to make more available.


Our pricing scheme is unchanged, but we’ve introduced a new term – processor – to explain our offering more clearly.

What we used to call “concurrent builds” is having two processors available to run two builds simultaneously:

The difference now is that if your subscription allows more than one processor, you have an option to parallelize a single build:

What we saw in practice is that projects with longer test runs benefit greatly from parallelization (as their total build time has decreased), but we’d keep the smaller projects on a single track. So various projects come and go through the available processors:

These images are taken from our refreshed features page.

We hope you’ll enjoy this feature and that it will save you some time in development.

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