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Campfire notifications and more Ruby versions now available in Semaphore

Hot on the heels of Semaphore’s public launch, we’ve shipped two important and frequently requested features so far: Campfire notifications and support for different versions of Ruby.


We’re big fans of Campfire and use it both for our internal communication and on some client projects when it makes sense. As we’ve heard from our users, this process is fairly common, and we’ve made it as easy to have build notifications come from Semaphore to your Campfire room as you’re used to on other web services. Go to your project settings, open the “Campfire” tab and fill in the blanks:

semaphore project settings campfire

After that you will receive messages such as this one:

campfire message example

The message includes project, branch name, author of the last commit and its’ message. The behaviour is the same as with emails – first build of a branch is always sent, after that messages are sent only if there’s a change in build status.

More Rubies

As we’ve explained in previous post, limiting ourselves to support only Ruby 1.9.2 was just a matter of cutting down the MVP. However, we’re aware that many people now work with 1.9.3 or are still on 1.8.7, and we’re very happy that we can announce support for these versions so quickly:

semaphore project settings ruby

Feel free to let us know how this works for you. Happy building!

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