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Public -walmyr-filho-react

My personal web site created using create-react-app
passed Walmyr F. pushed Replace course with a new one to new-course .

Public protractor-components-and-page-objects

This sample project intends to demonstrate an architecture proposal for writing graphical user interface (GUI) tests with Protractor using a concept of Page Objectes and Components.
passed Walmyr F. pushed Fix vulnerability issues with npm audit fix to master .

Public ruby-exercises

A project to exercise software development using Ruby and Rails
passed walmyr-qelp pushed Remove commented code to make it cleaner and improve score on BCH to master .

Public protractor-upload-file

This is a sample project to show how to upload a file in a Protractor test.
passed wlsf82 pushed Create project to master .

Public bettercodehub-samples

A repo to experiment with Better Code Hub
passed wlsf82 pushed Update documentation with badges from SemaphoreCI and BCH to master .

Public hackernews

This project is based on an example project from the book "The Road to learn React"
passed wlsf82 rebuilt Minor improvement on cypress e2e test on master .

Public protractor-creative-process

This is a sample project used for teaching purpose.
passed wlsf82 rebuilt Rename page object file capitilizing it on update-package-with-repo-info .