Semaphore 2.0 βeta

Semaphore 2.0 is coming!

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Lean yet powerful, Semaphore 2.0 is designed to help all developers build great products at high velocity. Model your continuous delivery pipeline any way you can imagine, from commit to deploy.

YML everything

Configure just about anything in YML files. Collaborate with version control and share configuration between projects – no more dull, repetitive work!

Custom delivery pipelines

Model your CI/CD any way you prefer. Deploy new features in a single step. Or two. Or ten. The decision is only yours and Semaphore 2.0 is designed to support it.

Command line friendly

Create, manage and reuse projects right from your terminal. Semaphore 2.0 is humble and acts only as a handy extension to your usual workflow.

Effective CI/CD for containers

Use key Docker and Kubernetes tools. Build binaries once and then reuse them accross pipelines. Connect securely to any cloud provider. Promote new relases and get fast feedback.

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Enterprise: Run Semaphore 2.0 on premise

We're working to make Semaphore 2.0 available to teams that want a self-hosted solution with even more direct access and control, including SSO, using your own machines, and more. Be the first in line to get a demo.

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